This pretty much covers it. It’s only -6 in Winnipeg.

Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 7
Good grief – where to start? I have a cold. I sound like a 20-year smoker. This is not helping. Shoving small ducks up my ass would help more.

I’m trying to follow all the potions from the Naturopath. I have no idea if they are helping or will help. It’s a 60-day process and with the cold masking my sanity and normal sensations, I probably won’t know for a week if anything has changed.

I do know that if there was a global shortage of urine, I’d be able to meet the demand.

Yesterday, I was nearly a caveman in the amount of meat products I ate. I can’t tell if it was the recent stupid stories about how carbs can be good for you or the request from the Naturopath that I eat 6 different vegetables or fruits a day that put me into a rebellious mood.

However, I did go to the store to buy more vegetables to try to at least change up what I eat a bit. I know for a fact that I am a repetitive strain eater. I am not a foodie.