I think I need all these folks to help at work today. Snow then sun in Vancouver.

Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 47
I had a conversation with a friend who had done on what would ultimately become a keto diet. Super strict. What was interesting is that, due to many years of friendship, I trusted his work. Also his assessment of my work over the years was free of judgement, which was interestingly refreshing.

Very oddly he experienced a low calorie and zero carb state where we wasn’t losing weight when he was expecting change. The body seemed to be saying, “whoa, dude, let’s not get silly.”

What’s the explanation? Everyone seems to go to the word metabolism. I’ve decided this term is not meaningful because no one really knows (or can express to a nob like me) how it works.

I still can’t shake the notion that the whole calories-in-calories out model is basically incomplete, if not wrong. I talked about this way back in Phase 3. http://robertfordfiction.com/mutant-diet-phase-3-day-102/

I guess if the only tool you have is a hammer the problem always looks like lard.