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Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 38
Yesterday was the anniversary of my mother passing away.

But is this relevant? It’s germane to my state of mind, which is terrible, and my state of diet, which is weak. I was walking to work from the chiropractor, who did a nice job shoving my SI joint back into place. I also have to place my shoulders down and inward all the time with deliberate thought.

Speaking of deliberate thought, as I was walking to work from the chiropractor – and feeling like I was puffing out my chest like a superhero to keep my shoulders in place – it occurred to me that the mental issues will also require consistent activation of the brain’s equivalent of shoulders. I.e. the conscious mind.

I’ve done this before where you question each thought with “is this reasonable, balanced and fair to others and yourself?”

However, it’s exhausting.