Spider-man Noir is really cool. Victoria BC at -4°. Panic in the streets.

Mutant Diet Phase 9 Day 30
I have discovered that this long persistent cold has put a barrier around my high intensity workout. I haven’t fully completed one since either early in this phase or late in Phase 8. At the gym yesterday, I wanted to see if I could push past it. It was going better but the SI (sacroiliac) joint complained when I overdid it on a new contraption that simulates you pulling a sled. I stopped and stretched and the SI joint seemed fine. I moved to the kettle bell portion and on the swing that I had declared was the last, the SI joint complained again, so I stopped and called it a session. I broke through a plateau but I am not back to where I was. Truly this bug is a bear.

Of course I was worried that the joint would give me grief but when I got back to the office, it felt like those times when you stretch, a clunk comes from your back and then there’s a new looseness. That was a bit of luck.

And diet … not 100% by-the-book, but not a train wreck either.

Not bad for a grumpy Monday. Now let’s set what Tuesday has for me.