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Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 9
The lesson learned from yesterday is that if you push out your breakfast time too far, you do so at your peril. I had a 9 AM doctor’s appt and I did not feel like eating before. I rode to the appointment and still didn’t feel like eating. By the time I got to work I was ravenous and ate the wrong things.

However, the calorie count seemed in the range, but the estimates are not as accurate, so I don’t trust it.

Last night I managed to convince everyone in the household to go to bed earlier. I got more than 7 hours, which is not normal, but it would be better if it were normal.

Today I also had a massage therapy appointment that was an attempt to get my rotated tight right hip to behave. Hamstrings and quads were screaming. I will really likely feel it when I hit the gym with my personal trainer.