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Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 8
Sushi has a lot more calories than I thought.

I begin week 2 of this phase in a doctor’s office to review the progress of managing my blood pressure. I’ve been taking numbers for the last couple of weeks and I notice it got slightly higher after I started Phase 8.

I’m wondering if there’s a change management piece to all this. If you look at the struggle people have to any change, regardless of a good/bad direction, I wonder if messing with diet/fitness is a bit more intense because it’s so chemical.

I think back to Saturday when I went to a different gym. There was nothing really wrong with it other than it wasn’t right. Everything was in a different place and this was WRONG.

So, if something that external can prompt such a vigorous response, imagine what’s going on inside when you squeeze off access to sugars?

No wonder I’m losing my mind.