I was trying to sneak in an episode of Green Arrow last night but it didn’t work. Calgary has been in the news.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 75
Friday morning. It’s raining. I just had a breakfast with carbs. It feels good. If I stay strict for the rest of the day, things should be OK. If you look my sheets for the last week, I’m burning 1100-2500 calories more per day than I’m eating. This isn’t a real equivalence but it demonstrates I’m not kidding around.

For me – I don’t know about other people – the strain of this is significant. With me approaching the 2-week point of being super strict, it’s become a bit easier. The key effective thing is having supplies and planning ahead. I.e. Today I planned my mini cheat this morning, but I’m confident in how the rest of the day is going and have a mental food plan. Part of it is to say to yourself, “when lunch comes plan to grab x, y, z foods.” I find if I repeat it to myself a couple of times in the period prior to the meal, it helps push out the “but I’d rather have bad food a, b, c.”

Now, if I could only figure out what steady state looks like.