More Birds of Prey although one is a bat and another a ninja. Very sunny in Vancouver today.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 69
I must be on a better dietary track. I was freaking out last night because I had an early light dinner and then when I got back from shopping (always eat before shopping) I was ravenous. I ate quinoa soup and small batch of nachos to stop me from wanting to chew up the carpet.

I was so worried that I’d blown the calorie count. If you look below I was below 2500 and nearly doubled the food calories with what the Fitbit said I’d burned.

Still so far to go. I have to find ways to stay with it because I noticed an improvement in my back. In the gym there’s a mirror set up that lets me see my upper back. I could tell from the way the t-shirt was hanging that I was not longer a rounded fat-boy back. It’s hard to admit, due to the mental scarring over the years, but I can see progress.

The high intensity workout had a moment where ego met fatigue. I wanted to push through despite having had to drop out of a walk out plank. But I thought about this artificial number I’d set versus the risk of injury. Later I did not feel like a weenie. I felt sore all over. It was a good call to bail out on that last set or two.

I need to take win and let it carry me to the end of this phase.