I always liked the big team pictures. I guy using my last name is making me worried for Ontario.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 68
As of today, I have three days in a row with no mess ups. I did have Chinese food in the mall at dinner. I had meat and veggies and skipped the rice or noodles. With the sauces and stuff, I’m sure there was bad stuff in the meal. However, my schedule did not allow me to get home before I would have become uncomfortable and behaved unpleasantly.

The trainer session was on a rare Thursday (normally Tuesday). I was able to boost weights except for the mysterious Lat Pulldown and the deadlift, which is still tough at the 180 pounds.

The attitude I have — i.e. questioning if I’m making “real” progress — is all wrong. My self-judgement is unfriendly and is not serving me. The chiropractor said adjusting me is better due to my increased strength. Why not take that as a win and keep on trucking?