The Defenders live action show have only Daredevil as a common character. My daughter is hiding on an obscure BC Gulf Island (Gambier) this weekend.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 35
I set out yesterday to do a 3-rep version of the heavy lifting routine and managed to up benchpress to 30 pounds per side and did 11 on the mid row.

Of course I started to feel like hell with this cold. I took my temperature at one point and it measured on the low side of normal. My wife and I had to cancel plans and arrange to sleep in today. I’m still both feeling and sounding gross.

This really does not help diet/fitness. I have a plan dammit and I want to keep to it. The desire to want to scream in frustration is high.

And, of course, apart from frighten the children and annoy my wife, what does that accomplish?