Hulk, Rhino, Spider-man and Captain America. I’d like to visit the inner harbour of Victoria.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 3
OK. Day 2 sucked not because of being too bad but being miserable. I was right that Day 1 was a freebie – a day where you are thrilled because you actually kept to your plan. Each day in a fence post to be dug, where the reward is another damn fence post the next day.

Despite the chocolate almonds, I was under the 2500 calorie limit.

Attitude has to be managed or there will be some sort of hostage taking where the ransom has to be paid in gourmet cookies.

The personal trainer pushed my limits yesterday on the weights and I have to develop more shoulder flexibility. But the old body likes growing muscle. I can feel things changing. She weighed and measured me but I haven’t looked. I’m going to measure every month and report the results in November or December.