Here’s what the Teen Titans will look like on TV. The first place I could find that had sun was Lake Country, BC.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 28
It’s a morning with rain, a sick child and the promise of Thanksgiving treats tomorrow.

I need more coffee.

There was a lady online being trolled by a doctor about her weight. He Twitter handle is “Fat Girl Flow”. Her tweet read, “The fact that people think they get to pontificate about what my body would/could be is sickening. Not to mention I have had an eating disorder for nearly 20 years – of course I’ve done keto jack ass. Ya know what happens? IT CREATED DISORDERED EATING LIKE EVERY OTHER DIET. Fuck.”

I felt so sorry for her that I wrote, “Aren’t doctors, when they encounter a new person they think has an issue, supposed to say, ‘That’s interesting. Gosh, I would love to review that person’s full medical history.’ It’s called a pat diagnosis and even Monty Python understood this in the 70s.” I attached this link. The video is here,

Diet/fitness is a long journey in a dark closet with a bag over your head.