Mark Ruffalo suggested a Hulk/Wolverine movie. Check out a very nuts-and-granola market in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood.

Mutant Diet Phase 8 Day 1
I tried to prep last week for this week. The food was a disaster but the gym was OK until Friday when I was doing the high intensity workout. I was just about to start the second set of walk-out-planks when my mind said, “you are kind of done.” I negotiated and said to myself “one more set of walk-out-planks and kettle bell swings”. Well, on the way back from the first walk out plank my back on the right side tweaked.

It’s back to normal now, but I have to be careful. Lesson learned: I know which voice to listen to. There’s a whiny “I don’t wanna” voice and there’s a more adult tone that knows the truth.

What’s different in this phase?

  • Better food weighing; I bought a food scale
  • Planning for an 8 PM to 8 AM “fast” or break from eating
  • Workouts with muscle building in mind. Can I trick out the metabolism to grab more fat to build more muscle?

Here’s what the new diet sheet looks like.