I’m looking forward to superhero interactions in Avengers Infinity War. I am nearing Mississauga in my data clean up.

Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 8
It’s official that week 2 has started. Cheat days make for difficult calorie counting. I’m not sure about my numbers, but it does provide me with the evidence to realize that getting to a 4000-5000 calorie cheat day would be easy.

I did notice a change in my eating. When I was eating my sushi treat last night, I actually got full. I should have stopped eating the rest, which I will try next time, but what I need to do is order less. It’s funny that it only took a week to develop the self-awareness.

Of course the question is, is this working? I know the pants are looser. I won’t be brave enough to weigh in until at least the end of April.

It would be nice if the trees could finish pollinating so I could remove one stressor.

Yesterday was better from a grumpy perspective, but took a lot of concentration.