Switching gears back to DC. Turks and Caicos still sounds nice.

Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 28
I was worried last night that I had eaten too much and then around 9:30 I started to get hungry. I was happy to have the feeling of hunger. That’s a departure from the norm for me.

I have to see the doctor tomorrow to sort of the sleep apnea crap. I hope I can try out a device fast. Of course, I’m being optimistic.

Then on Tuesday is the first weigh in in months. I have to keep talking about this as a scientific thing so that I don’t feel all hung up on what the number means. It is a marking on a page and a number other people (like the medical profession) find interesting for their purposes.

I just thought of the technique of talking to the inner child who was originally traumatized with the scale and tell that little guy that it’s all going to be OK. I won’t let any mean people make fun of you little guy.

Childhood trauma: the neurological damage that keeps on giving!