Unless Disney buys every movie studio on the planet, this crossover won’t happen on film. More movie filming in Kitsilano today.

Mutant Diet Phase 7 Day 17
It occurred to me after yesterday’s rant over sleep advice, that had the article acknowledged real life (e.g. parenting challenges) and suggested to try one of the pieces of advice, I might have been less cranky.

Catch 22 #9032: If you have sleep apnea, one of the symptoms is that it’s harder to lose weight. I am 99% sure I have sleep apnea. One of the ways to cure sleep apnea is to lose weight.

Insert head in blender and spin.

Yes, I am seeking medical advice on the sleep apnea, hopefully next week.

I worked with the trainer and we’ve planned May 1 as a weigh in date. I don’t want to because it’s so upsetting, but I’ll need the info to deal with the inevitable questions from medical people. And I should compare to previous phases. I have two weeks to figure out how not to obsess on it.