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Mutant Diet Phase 6 Planning Some More
The official dates for Phase 6 will be Mon Jan 15 to Fri Mar 16. This is two days shy of 9 weeks and stops when March Break starts.

I’m sore all over from yoga and the gym and the diet showed me that I’m weak-willed and need to sleep more.

Yesterday I decided to stop judging myself based on my appearance.

I was to separate self-judgment from the process of diet/fitness. For example, eating a brownie means I ate a brownie (or two). This behaviour is not a symbol of my ongoing stupidity and uselessness.

The reason for setting aside self-judgement is that there’s no up-side to hating yourself for not being the weight or shape you want. I’ve heard people who used hitting as part of discipline for their kids justify it by saying, “it builds character.” Or saying “I wouldn’t be the person I am today if my Dad hadn’t whupped my ass now and then.”

If you rail at yourself for being somehow physically wrong, does this build character? It certainly doesn’t help you lose weight or run faster. I think you can argue that, at best, you are wasting time and, at worst, you might be self-sabotaging.

So, I’m committing to not judging myself and trying to stay focused on the process of keeping the cardiologist interested in other people.