A famous silver age cover. I wanted to complain about Vancouver pollen, but then I looked at Halifax‘s weather and thought better of it.

Mutant Diet Phase 6 Finale
Welcome to the most lack-lustre finale of a phase yet. All I have to show for it are sore muscles and a sugar/carb addiction that would crush most people’s imaginations.

March Break has started and the normal family schedule that I rely on to anchor my diet and fitness is now disrupted. But maybe this is the time to focus on my mental health. The tough aspects of January and February are clearly not helping the food control. I have some books to read and ideas for Phase 7. I will document Phase 6a over the break and see if I can stay in the realm of sensible.

One thing I noticed is that I’m increasing the fitness level and the weather is almost at a point where I can ride the bike. I’m looking forward to this. I figured out that every time I do a workout, I feel stronger. There’s an immediate positive change, despite the tight leg muscles and other aches. They are the aches of progress, not the aches of injury.

I’m convinced that the more I can increase strength and cardio, the more overall strength I will have to do battle with the diet.