Earth 32 is a mix-up of people and their super powers. I’m kind of hoping a plane mix-up will take me to Netherlands Antilles.

Mutant Diet Phase 6 Day 7
Last night, for the sake of science, I ate a couple of 2-bite brownies to see if this salt mouth condition would change. It seems to have been cut back substantially. I can’t now tell if it’s an active thing or a lingering sensation.

Week 2 is coming up and I want to stay on the ultra low carb eating habits to see what happens. I can’t obsess over this because I won’t see a scale until March and all I can do is try to build strength.

I did a stretch class with my son’s dance group and they are working in improving their splits. I substituted some yoga poses. It wasn’t meant to be a big workout, but enjoyed trying to keep some flexibility given the soreness from the last personal trainer session. I full yoga class is tonight. That’ll be interesting.