I was feeling nostalgic for silver age comics today. The Avalon region of Newfoundland has Canada’s most eastern point.

Mutant Diet Phase 6 Day 55
Despite an urge to hide, I am still plugging away at the diet/fitness routine. I was really tired even before I started the day. When it came to the time to head to the gym, I was unconvinced that I was going to be able to do anything. My policy is to go, change clothes and see what happens.

Well, in the end, I did 98% of my high intensity workout at a higher intensity. I.e. shorter rest intervals between sets. I was sufficiently winded that I scared a guy in the locker room as I sat trying to regain my normal body temperature.

It’s very odd that the energy available for a workout can be so disconnected from how you feel. I also managed to walk home which is why the step count is so high.

Today I did started with protein so as not to kick off the day with a sugar/carb craving. I make no promises going forward.