We jump to Earth 30. DC Comics is unclear on some of the Earth 20s. Anyway, this is where Superman’s ship landed in Soviet Russia. It’s 29° C in the British Virgin Islands today.

Mutant Diet Phase 6 Day 5
Yesterday had some classic challenges. I was asked to go for lunch by a friend. My legs were, and still are, freaking sore from Tuesday. So I chose the lunch place so I could buy something and dodge the rice (but it was expensive). I did not do the gym because honestly I could barely walk.

Today I will do a gym visit that entails gentle stretching and upper body work. I am not going to risk a full on injury.

The cravings seem reasonable. There’s too much wine in the picture, which will likely prevent me from being in that magic ketogenic state. But, who cares? I gave up on the scale and I’m looking to build strength and take body shape changes as they come. I can feel some fat loss around the middle so I know the removal of refined carbs is working.

Plus it’s week 1 for goodness sake. I am not looking for high speed rail. I’m looking to avoid derailment.