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Mutant Diet Phase 6 Day 26
I was reading the Diet Fix book and the author used a term. Bioavailable calories. This term covers the fact that some folks (i.e. skinny bastards) can eat whatever they like and stay the same weight while other folks (people like me, fat bastards) look at sugar from across the room and gain weight.

Kicker: there’s no way to measure bioavailable calories. It’s not known why some bodies react differently to the number of calories. So, the author of the book is using calories as a measurement because there’s nothing else better.

One bit of advice I like is that just because you had a cheesecake incident the night before, doesn’t mean that you jump off the wagon and let you and your diet be crushed by the horses’ hooves.

For example, this morning I made sure to have my bacon and eggs because I have a coffee shop meeting at a place with very nice pastries that I could easily ignore because I had no hunger.