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Mutant Diet Phase 5 Preparation
Nothing inspires going back on a diet and doing more fitness than getting a new driver’s license photo taken. OMG. What … a … horse.

Of course as some of you who have been following this space will have noticed that I had a hernia repair on October 6. Well, that was just over a month ago and I can say it was successful.

However, the recovery was tough in that my body stole every erg of energy from everywhere else, including my brain. I barely remember the first two weeks. Apparently, according to the surgeon, this is not uncommon – although I got the impression my recovery from the exciting drugs they gave me was slower than normal. She did say that doing a yoga class (on Monday) completely without major modifications to the poses is a really good sign. She recommends starting with yoga and swimming for exercise.

So, preparation for Mutant Diet Phase 5 starts now. The official Day 1 will be Monday November 13. Last day will be Monday December 11. That’s 28 days.

I’m going to need the rest of this week to stock up and see if I can get back into the gym and test what I can do. I won’t start with the personal trainer until I feel like I can actually get my money’s worth on the session.

I also want to test what happens when I knock off coffee, beef and chicken for a week.