The Justice League movie is out and I’m on media blackout for it until I can see it for myself. I’ve been reviewing data on the Alberta site. I’m on Wainwright.

Mutant Diet Phase 5 Day 4
Someone has my carbs. Find them.

I have a good news story. I had to lead a Parent Advisory Council meeting last night starting at 6:30. I planned ahead and filled up on protein and vegetables in advance. I drank coffee. I skipped the treats at the meeting. The real challenge came afterward when my family, all of whom have a late Wednesday, decided to go to Siegel’s Bagels. I was a bit hungry again but there’s really nothing there that isn’t delivered with a bagel. I kept the family company, had a tiny nibble of a rugelach, but otherwise ate nothing. We went home and I had more meat and more vegetables.

This is where the combination of planning mixed with some minor self-control can keep you on track.

The chemical changes that dropping the refined carbohydrates have kicked in, which include looser joints and less tight skin. Hopefully the middle will shrink as the process continues.