Spider-man fighting Captain America in the Civil War series. Lots happening in Victoria BC today.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 88
Yikes. Today I felt like something was trying to re-write my DNA. You know when you read articles about getting more energy when you cut out sugars and carbs? Pffffft. This dicutm seems – at least for me – to fall into the category of “if you keep crossing your eyes like that, they’ll get stuck.”

I’m also becoming obsessive about the process for which writing a blog post doesn’t help except to remind myself that not every gives a rusty banana that I’m torturing myself in some new experiment on how I can drive myself mental with diet.

Here’s the fun part. I have to ride home, then take my daughter to beginner pure barre class because my wife is sick and I have to go. Gasp. If you hear sirens this evening, you’ll know why.