Here are some Spider-man clones. I’m thinking about Gros Morne National Park.

Mutant Diet Phase 3 Day 83
Today should have ben the finale entry to Phase 3. However, Phase 3 is now extended probably until about the beginning of August, ending prior to any serious vacationing or travel.

However, I am on day 6 of the zero sugar-and-carbs process. To “celebrate” last night, I peed on a strip that indicates whether or not I am in a state of ketosis. This state tells us if my body is taking glucose from sources internally (i.e. fat and muscle). Ketones, which includes acetone, are by-products of the process of breaking down (hopefully) lard. According to the colour chart, there were traces of ketones in my system, but not in huge amounts.

It’s better than nothing given the last time I tried this — when I thought I was serious about carb reduction — the indicator showed neutral. Honestly, I think I was expecting more give the sheer strictness of the last six days. But I am unsure and have asked my trainer, who is a keto diet advocate, for a ruling.

Tomorrow is a cheat day, but I am not really excited. I’m not wanting to go nuts and fall off the wagon. I stocked up last night for the second week of this experiment.