More from the DC Convergence series I want to read. We had two days of spring in Vancouver and now it’s back to winter.

Mutant Diet Phase 2 Day 78
I’m feeling a bit absurd because today because technically yesterday was the end of Phase 2. But I don’t have a trainer session or weigh in until tomorrow.

I conclude therefore that there are 78 days in Phase 2, not 77.

I’ve planned Phase 3 to run from April 3 to Friday June 23, which is one day after a scheduled appointment with a different abdominal surgeon. Yes, I still have a hernia which I’ve been supporting by continuing my growth of ab muscles. I can even do a dolphin plank (no high pitched squealing required) which, when I first was dealing with the hernia back in July, was not an option.

But I’m stuck with a mystery of having to be at a “stable” weight before the repair can happen. Not to be rude or anything, but what the f__k does that mean? My weight is absurdly stable in the face of diet and exercise. Time for a second opinion.