Apparently there’s controversy that they may have CGI’d Gal Godot’s armpits in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. Good grief.

Mutant Diet Phase 2 Day 72
From salt dust on the roads of Toronto to pollen in Vancouver. I’m anticipating a brutal spring pollen season because everything has been delayed and this means that all the pollens will come pounding out at the same time.

Historically for me pollen allergies lead to comfort food because you feel so miserable. However, in this case the opposite should happen. I should really try to evade all foods that I react to because in pollen season, I react more. Anyone with ragweed allergies knows that if in late August in eastern Ontario, if you go visit a friend’s house with cats, you will react to the cats more in August than in January.

But today it’s back to lo-carb world and the gym.