Spider-man and the Hulk from a comic cover I own. Victoria‘s legislature saw some excitement yesterday.

Mutant Diet Phase 12 Day 31
It’s time to ponder. Pondering is best done when stuck in a doctor’s clinic’s waiting room (nothing serious and unrelated to diet/fitness). Also, my laptop battery is flat so I’m left with my phone.

My food self-control weakens right after lunch and at dinner. There’s an urge to find chocolate at 2 PM and a desperate urge for bread/chips/rice related products when I’m preparing dinner.

Given the near atomic clock predictability, you’d think I’d be able to conceive some sort of strategy. Plan for a distraction at 2 PM. (I was thinking of a walk, but it would have to be away from Rexall pharmacy or Urban Fare.) Eat a pile of greens right when I get home. Or simply say, “This uncomfortable sensation you are having is likely an indication that what you are doing is working.”

The discomfort at these moments are free of any coherent thought. For example, am I feeling cheated? Is any part of me really thinking that I’m at risk of harm if I don’t eat whatever I’m craving? Does any part of me think – anytime soon – that the world will run out of chocolate and peanut butter?

All I have to do is remember to think.