Spider-Woman – Sony may try her out. I’m not liking conflict between residents and protesters in Courtenay.

Mutant Diet Phase 12 Day 30
OK. The cheesecake is done. Long live the cheesecake.

I feel a little more normal today. Perhaps it was the joy of being able to walk home last night with light and no rain. There was a wonderful view from Burrard Bridge.

I now have to retrench into limiting the carbs without making myself crazy. I spoke with a counsellor and the job is to try to reduce the number of things that are worrying me and be a bit kinder to myself.

One step will not be weighing when I see the trainer. With a recent intake of dairy (i.e. cheesecake last night) my whole system will be out-of-whack so the number will just be annoying. I’d rather work on my deadlifts.

The real goal is focus. Can I stay with a topic for chunks of time? I am thinking of picking music (e.g. a symphony) and see if I cannot be diverted while the music is on.