Infinite Crisis finishes up soon and I grabbed some images from the comics. A tad cold in Edmonton it seems.  (-33° feels like -42°)

Mutant Diet Phase 12 Day 2
It’s a relief that Day 1 went (mostly) according to plan. My body reacts to change fast and aggressively. My diet change was like I had taken a massive diuretic. By 3 PM I was a walking Niagara Falls. This persisted, unfortunately, into the night. I’m feeling less waterlogged this morning.

I also started phone counselling sessions through my employer’s EFAP. This is a pre-emptive strike against the negative self-talk that is virtually inevitable based on past experience. I also want techniques to stay mindful when the mindlessness of food cravings strike.

To retain focus, I am recommended to imagine a box into which you place errant thoughts for later processing. Quietly in your head. Repeat. A lot.

I also have my notes-to-self embedded in the diet sheets. See below. I need to embrace the process and remind the inner child that it’s all OK.