Supergirl and some Bat folk. People crossing to the US from places like Abbotsford are being detained by US Customs. A mystery.

Mutant Diet Phase 11 Day 32
I promised myself that today I would be focused and on it. Uh huh. I find myself trying to figure out why my Fitbit Versa is not synching with my phone. Sigh. It says there’s an update for the watch but it doesn’t seem to be connecting.

Meanwhile, I face a total fricking inability to control snack time.

I am trying to convince myself that being hungry is good. It’s manly. It’s power. It’s something other than a drive toward muffins.

On the strength front, I was so sore yesterday I really was Ommmmm in the yoga class. I will have to have a short weight workout. Too many meetings today.