This Wolverine image symbolizes the challenge. Thoughts going to Halifax after the hurricane.

Mutant Diet Phase 11 Day 1
I am committed to 82 days for Phase 11, which takes me to November 29. Ugh. This past week was a shovel-it-into-my-face event. Not good. I was weaker willed than I expected. Partly because I suspect I know just how tough what I’m looking to do.

The Goal? Deadlift 250 pounds and weigh 250 pounds. I need to lose 21 pounds and add 60 pounds to my deadlift. Woof.

21 pounds in 82 days is 1.79 pounds per week, which is optimistic given past performance of about 1.3 pounds per week. Of course that assumes I don’t plateau again.

I start today with a lunch out with a friend and missing the gym as a result. Oh good.