I found this cool Wolverine/Captain America image. Technically Logan was around during WWII.  It’s time to check in on St. John’s NL.

Mutant Diet Phase 10a Day 10
Good lord that was ridiculous. Yesterday I had the sore mid-back muscles. I went to the gym with the intent to do legs. But some of the leg stuff requires I hold my back in place. By the time I returned to work, I was a mess. Coffee, ibuprofen, chocolate. They work great.

Then of course came the ride home. Once I was warmed up I was fine. But at home I realized I was a wreck. So I lied on my bed and ordered myself to lie still like they do on sick bay beds in Star Trek. An hour or so later, I regained higher functions.

This morning I am nominally OK.

But, pain leads to bad food choices. Fatigue leads to bad food choices.

How do I stop the fitness efforts – which at the time don’t seem over the top – from clobbering the available will power? What a balancing act!