I found this cool X-Men image. I never did get to see that last movie.  A beautiful day in Vancouver today.

Mutant Diet Phase 10a Day 1
I’m calling this Phase 10a because it’s only 26 days until family vacation where I don’t intend to do much diet/fitness. I hope to be active, but not actively trying to push myself to lose weight or gain strength.

I read somewhere online that no one wants to read about other people’s diets. I wonder why they are bothering reading a subject of no interest to them. I have no interest in English Football and I don’t read articles about it either.

But I do feel the need for more comedy in order to help those compelled to read my trite posts but don’t actually have an interest in the diet/fitness subject matter.

As you may know in diet/fitness, some planning is required. I looked ahead. I have three social engagements this week all revolving around food.

  • An out of town guest buying dinner
  • A free lunch provided by building management
  • An invitation to a BBQ

This is like someone trying to break a pot-smoking habit and then winning a free trip to Amsterdam.