I asked my son who I should profile from the Avengers and he said Captain Marvel. This an image from when she was Ms Marvel. It reminds me of how some of the people at the gym yesterday were dressed. West Vancouver is 7° and cloudy.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 7
I read an article about metabolism and it confirmed for me that we have no idea how it works.


Therefore I am free to make up my own theory. It feels like, based on my jeans that, in a week, I’ve removed the March Break weight I gained. My theory is when you diet, i.e. strangling off the high sugar sources, the body uses the newest stored fat as it’s easier to break down. FIFO. First In; First Out.

I’m no endocrinologist or biologist; I am left with basic physics. However, I know the heat model of calories doesn’t really work perfectly in biology. This is because we know a small percentage of the population can eat anything and stay the same mass while others keep more.

I was reminded of titration in chemistry. I remember in class working on mixing chemicals to get a neutral PH balance. Too much, no good. Too little, no good.

Somehow in all bodies there’s a set of triggers that tell it to unpack fat or muscle for use in keeping the body functioning. Inversely there’s a similar set of triggers that says, “Save for winter.” In case of muscle, I suspect the regular slight over use of muscle tells it, “Hey, we’ll likely have to lift more stuff so build some extra in case we’re asked again.”

I conclude extremes in anything seem to be self-limiting. The article references the people from the Biggest Loser who had their base metabolic rates seemingly forever damaged.

So I now imagine the diet process to be like titration. Reel back food intake a bit at a time to see if fat usage can occur without freaking out the body. Same with exercise – how much can you do without injury?

I still have to wait a week-and-a-day to see what the scale say about my 2000 calorie limit experiment.

Despite being off a normal schedule, I managed to stay on track.