Old Man Logan with a nod to the first Wolverine/Hulk cover. Apparently Vernon BC is having issues in their downtown.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 67
Is it Thursday already? Dang. I just had a cheat breakfast with bread and potatoes. So now I have to lock down the rest of the day. That will be interesting due to scheduling. I have to start planning it now so as to remove risk of further deviances.

I had an odd situation where I did yoga at noon and the class was fine. I didn’t have any usual issues. There was only the normal strain, no real pain. But when I left, I was super space-y. I was hyper aware of surroundings and almost light headed. I assumed it was the result of it being lunch time.

But as I write this, the extra sized breakfast I just had is really helping my focus. Yesterday I had breakfast before I rode – also due to timing issues – and I arrived at work (3.1 km) not as stressed.

I may have to re-examine the timing of food and the timing of exercise.