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Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 63

I pushed the boundaries a little.  Yesterday I had to take a few times to lie down and just let the workout from Saturday and the long ride and workout from Friday integrate.  I have an improved speed of recovery from exertion, but I found it.  There was also a bit of a sore throat trying to happen.

I want to stay on track so that I’ll look at the weight differences from week to week on Tuesday.

At this stage, I am angry with how long it has taken to arrive at this point in the diet/fitness process and daunted by how far there is to go.  To put my dismay into context, I first retained a personal trainer before my daughter was born, which was when my current trainer was in elementary school.

Neither feelings of anger or fear are helpful.  I’m open to psych counselling 101 hacks to counteract this.