This comes from X-Men vs Avengers. Possible in film? Let’s go to Nova Scotia.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 52
Ouch. Yesterday, my body caught on that I’d cut off the flow of high glycemic index foods by about 10:30 AM. My body then decided to produce water at a similar rate to an uncapped fire hydrant.

Meanwhile at the gym, I weighed in, but asked the number be held until next week. The trainer then reviewed my high intensity workout. My knee position has gone off so we corrected that. To make overhead ball slams more challenging we added a slight throw at the top. Imagine picking up a 30 pound slightly squishy ball, bringing it overhead, throwing it straight up a little bit, grabbing it again and completing the repetition by slamming it into the ground. Correct hip position was vital.

I went to bed earlier than normal last night due to sore parts and the fact that I was hungry and was at risk of grazing.

I’m hoping the body adjusts a little less violently today.