Here’s a different version of the Avengers. Apparently in British Columbia, there was $5.3 billion in money laundering.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 40
I am a little surprised this is day 40. I feel like this phase just started.

I think the bicycle riding messed with the hunger triggers. Yesterday I was starving at key moments and ended up having lunch at 11 AM. I was badly mental/hangry by 2:30 and took in chocolate. However, the chocolate I bought is highly addictive. I carefully calculated a simple amount and the rest is still sitting in my desk drawer. And, strangely, it is not sending out the normal siren song.

I am planning for the weekend. I was a modest cheat. I’m curious as to how this past week with cycling will show on the scale. If at all. I still think there’s a non-thermodynamics connection with diet and fat usage/storage.