Spider-man and Spider Woman. I really want the spider women to come to live action films. Some kid named Archie was born and may live in Windsor? Huh?

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 39
Yesterday I thought I’d derailed due to sushi at lunch, but the numbers don’t support it.

Pain causes hunger. The cycling has made me achy and that enhances my cravings. I had a 6 PM meeting so I pre-ate and I felt that should have kept me covered. But I was dying by 8 PM and ate more.

I have some good news. My doctor is happy with my blood pressure numbers and the fact I’ve made progress on weight. I still have blood pressure meds because the trick with high blood pressure is that it’s not observable without measuring. My concern is now going too low, but that bottom number is one of top or bottom number dropping below 100 and 60 respectively. In my 20s I was 110/70 and I’ve not seen that in ages.