These characters were some of the few not in Endgame. Toronto is receiving more shocks about serial killers today.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 36
So I tried to offset the big blowout day by being super strict with calories, if not fully low carb. The calorie count seems low for how I was feeling, but if there’s any sense of justice, the cheat day won’t damage the work from the previous week. I doubt this is how this really works.

This week will be interesting as I finally managed to ride my bike to work. Ouch. The Burrard Bridge is still really steep. And skinny bastards still sail past me on their fancy bikes with their fancy pants. Some things stay the same.

The upgraded muscles need to kick in though. I noticed, but only when I concentrated, that my stronger legs put in some extra horsepower.

We’ll see if this helps move the de-lardification along.