I decided to drop by DC for a minute. Tickets for Endgame tomorrow. I’ve having trouble with the anti-climate change provinces like Ontario.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 34
I am waiting at a Mercedes Benz dealership waiting for my Smartcar keys to be reprogrammed. I’m enjoying the most expensive “free” coffee, water and ham-and-cheese bun ever.

Yesterday I did a full high intensity workout that included 8 rep cycles of kettle bell burpees. (Those are the burpees where you hold onto the kettlebell handles and then stand up with the kettlebells after you’ve jumped back. I use the red 75-pound kettlebells.) I still have no idea where my energy is coming from. Today, due to a series of family commitments, I was only able to do a very short workout. I tried the bench press again at the new 140-pound level and it was tough. Being rushed and not properly warmed up probably didn’t help.

I am however getting the sensation that the workouts trigger the “use fat” function. Regular activity is some kind of signal to use lard and not store lard. But it’s not a calorie measure. The heat energy needed to add muscle or reduce fat are not really measurable with a calorimeter. You don’t get to burn 500 calories on a treadmill and then eat 500 calories of sugar.