I used the keyword “wolverine crazy” and found this with The Punisher and Ghost Rider. That would be cool. Early icebergs in Newfoundland.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 32
I was completing my log sheet and realized that yesterday was not great. I was exposed to free tempting foods and the yoga class time and the location of a subsequent meeting forced me to eat lunch out. I was tired and hungry and in a hurry, which reduces the number of options. Furthermore, when you pick foods out, it’s harder to count calorie. I did not have time to see if the Japanese place had a website and nutritional information.

I was distinctly hungry when I went to bed and I’m pretty sure the chemical reactions are still working as if I had not deviated from plan.

I am still happy there was the 2 pound per week trend over a month, but I’m scared to death that my body is going to figure it out and order a halt to such insanity.