Technically there’s a Shazam family. Not sure how that plays on screen. 8° and rain seems right for Ottawa today.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 3
It’s Day 3. I made it through Day 2. I felt tightly all over and if I could make money from urine production, I’d be rich.

I did venture into dairy-and-carb because it came to last call for food last night and my son had a bit of leftover bagel-wich. It was difficult to estimate but I simply said, hey, this isn’t 200 calories and sure as hell isn’t 400 calories so I settled on 300.

Because, if the goal is to try to stay within 2000 calories, it doesn’t matter too much if you dip into the forbidden carb zone because a single Costco plain bagel is 330 calories. There is no the room in calorie count to really dive into the sugars and carbs.