The Shazam movie comes out this weekend and I thought I’d honour it. Spring in Winnipeg. -1° and light flurries.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 2
I lived through day 1 with a much more strict diet. Making sure the first day does everything planned is important. The new compressed diet log needs some tweaks to make sure I’m reminded about meditation. That was funny because there’s a ton of choices on the Insight meditation app and the first voice I picked was just wrong. Then I found another that took me through a familiar Savasana process.

From a hunger perspective my body didn’t notice it was missing 1000 calories or so until 2 PM or so. Woza that was intense. But by 3:30 it was like a painful headache had passed.

My schedule for today is supportive of the process, but Wednesday, evening meetings start to creep in.

I weigh in with the trainer, but since I only care about the deltas, I never have to know my weight. I only need to know what direction and by how much it’s moving. No number on the scale will make me happy so, screw it.

By the way, in the chart below, I forgot my pre 8 PM snack not out of tough-guy-ness, but because I got too busy with paperwork.