The Wasp isn’t in the Avengers, but should be. Sun Run today in Vancouver.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 14
My innards were not happy yesterday. But I can’t figure out what disagreed with me. It seems to be OK now. As a result the calorie count was down due to being a bit afraid of food.

Today is technically the cheat day, so I started with the best muffin in town. Probably 400 calories so I have to hold on until lunch. I want to see if I can stay in the calorie count while cheating.

The fitness part of this is almost as mystifying as the diet. I was really sore Friday night from the full high intensity workout from that day. Saturday morning was all aches, but I put myself through a basic set of weights including deadlifts. I found I am short on reps at my old weight so I have to keep at that one.

I am feeling like my body is rearranging itself, but I’m going to wait until Tuesday’s weigh-in to try to correspond sensations to measurements.