Iron Man and The Hulk are big in the Avengers. I checked in on Fredericton. -1° and light snow. Ick.

Mutant Diet Phase 10 Day 10
It with hesitation I tell you I lost 5.6 pounds in a week. Why the hesitation? Why not jump up and down for joy that, after 3 years, I found a diet/fitness combo that shows results on the scale?

I simply don’t trust that my body won’t adapt to the lower calorie count and figure a way to keep weight. I also want to see what week 2 of the experiment holds in terms of weight change. The common assumption is that the first week of a diet is always the biggest drop due to the sudden surprise arrival of dietary discipline.

But, for the record, in the previous three years at this insane process, I never had a single week’s loss equal this.

This is the hardest diet/fitness experiment I’ve ever done and, assuming it works, I have to find something that is do-able. The sheer strain of this is not something I can handle. Call me brave. Call me wimpy. Just don’t call me Shirley.