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One of the least plausible comic book characters is Matter-Eater Lad. This cover I’m sure we had as a family but I don’t think survived the many summers at the cottage. The cottage was in Prince Edward County. Go here for lots of pictures.

Friday. Monday is the big day. My dumb blood pressure last night was binging around like a ping pong ball in a windstorm. The number below was the best of 5 measurements.

The idea that I’m doing a final weigh-in prompts me to think I should do some heroic effort to be lean for Monday. Not only is this impossible, it does not represent the reality of the process.

At the end there’ll be heaps of numbers that let me predict future progress.

There is really no going back. What will continue next week? Gym Homework, cycling, karate, yoga.

Diet? No way I’m taking back wheat. Maybe the occasional treat, but not as a component of each meal like it used to be.

In preparation, remember to place your guesses. See Day 74 and put your weight guess in the comments. Chocolate for you is at stake!


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