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These three are bad versions from an alternate universe of Superman, Flash and Lois Lane (Superwoman).

The story line I’m reading has these guys being very nasty and it takes all of Earth’s super villains to take them down. Go to New Brunswick to relax.

My trainer said to me yesterday that going forward I might want to eat more. She said I’d be surprised by this assertion so I am – very – surprised.

Somehow I don’t think she means chocolate chip cookies from President’s Choice. Damn, why did I write that? Anyway, once she tells me what she means I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, let’s talk numbers. The chart below compares fitness activity against previous months.

It looks like I’m on track to meet or beat my average numbers for April and May.

The next chart is my last week worth of homework.

The mental game is now to accept that …

(a) I’m not done and I won’t be
(b) It doesn’t matter because the change needed was not realistically do-able in 3 months
(c) When I say I’m taking the summer off, most people seem to think that I’m going to lie in bed for two months eating M&Ms. This is their perceptual problem, not mine.




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